10 Best Pro Scooters Reviewed for 2018 December 15, 2017 – Posted in: Scooter Industry


The year 2018 is right around the corner growing up I couldn’t imagine being this far into the future. What’s even more unpredictable is what we’re talking about, the best pro scooters? This far into the future shouldn’t our subject be something more like the best flying cars? I guess not! Any-who here we go the very best pro scooters on the market for the upcoming year. Remember this list is subjective we are taking into consideration the price point, components delivered for that price, availability, durability, warranty and specs. If you don’t like to read you can quickly find out the top rated scooters for 2018 but referring to the chart below or continue through the article for the low down.

10 Best Pro Scooters Reviewed for 2018


1. Fuzion Z300 Complete Pro Scooter


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The current Z300 model is the ideal pro scooter for a beginners and intermediate riders. Everything about this scooter is perfect for park riding. Let’s start with the deck, which measures 4.5 x 19.5, this new Fuzion has an all new head-tube, deck sides and down-tube. For the first time ever they strayed away from the dog bone sides and went with more conventional flat sides featuring tapered edges. In the wheels department the Z300 comes with 110mm wheels including 88a polyurethane.Furthermore you won’t find a better deal on a pro scooter at only $139.99! No other scooter on the market matches the performance, components (IHC, 110mm wheels, 4.5 wide deck, stylized bars and nylon brake) and company backed warranty. That’s why the Fuzion Z300 is the top rated pro scooter for 2018.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Review:

1.Is this scooter good for going to the skate park?
Absolutely! Fuzion has a pro team and some of the riders ride the Z300 scooter.

2.Can an 8 year old ride this?
Yes! The scooter is very sturdy and can handle someone up to 220 lbs.

3.Does the brake rattle?
Nope, the new nylon brake is rattle proof providing extra quiet stops

What people are saying about the Fuzion Z300:
“These scooters are the best for the money period!”

2. Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter


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While Lucky is one of the premier companies in the pro scootering world, the main reason for this is their strong stable of riders. Right now they sponsor Jon Marcos Gaydos and Cody Flom two of the industries strongest riders and to add to it they are both really young! Any how let’s get to the Crew scooter. Lucky Crew complete is a pretty good scooter, it features a deck 4.25 x 19 inches long, the deck is constructed of aluminum and should be very durable (most pro scooters use aircraft grade aluminum). HIC compression is used on the Crew scooter which will make the bars a little heavier since they will be over-sized. The total weight of this scooter is 8.4 pounds, overall the Crew is a solid choice in the debate of the greatest pro scooter and is priced at $159.99.

Lucky Crew Scooter Review:

1.Does this scooter come with grip tape?
Yes it does
2.What are the biggest wheels this scooter will fit?
The forks on the Lucky Crew will only fit up to 110mm
3.Is the Crew complete scooter good for a 10 year old?
Sure is, the scooter will be perfect for a kid 10 years of age and even older.

What people are saying about the Lucky Crew:
“Kids love this scooter and it holds up well under abuse”


3. Envy One Complete Scooter


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Now the Envy One is a stout scooter for the price point. One of the best things about the Envy One Complete is that it is available in a multitude of colors including teal, neon, pink, green, red, white and yellow. Ultimately the One is a good entry level scooter meant for younger kids, it features a two piece handle bar and smaller 100mm wheels. The fact that Envy can’t deliver a one piece bar or 110mm wheels on this scooter is kind of a shame because many of the other scooters on this list do include those features.

At the end of the day it’s an Envy product, these guys know what they are doing and really spearhead the industry. With that said the quality is there but the package is a little lack luster. If you are on a budget but have to have an Envy get the “One” but if you are looking for value there are a few other options that will surpass the Envy One.

Envy One Scooter Review:

1.What size are the wheels?
They are 100mm which is behind industry standard at this price point.
2.How tall are the bar?
They are 22″ tall from the headset
3.Does this scooter fit 120mm wheels?
Yes, the envy forks will accept 120mm wheels.

What people are saying about the Envy One:
“Well built scooter for the price point, Kids love the Envy Brand”

4. Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter


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Madd Gear is one of the major players in the scooter industry. While they have shifted gears a little bit and launched low end products into big box stores like Walmart and Target, Madd Gear is very respected. Madd is represented by great riders none greater than R Willy and Jordan Clark. The VX7 is a great complete and here’s why… This scooter includes a 4″ x 19.5″ deck made of aircraft aluminum, a forged aluminum fork, IHC compression but it does has 100mm wheels. If it were not for the smaller wheels this Madd Gear complete could have topped our list but because of the small wheels at the 149.99 price tag it falls down the list a few spots in the best pro scooters ranking. However if you are a fan of the signature Madd Gear neck this scooter a more than solid option.

Madd Gear VX7 Scooter Review:

1.What size are the wheels and can they be upgraded?
They are 100mm but they can be switched with 110’s as they will fit.
2.How tall are the bar?
They are 23″ tall from the headset
3.Are these bars adjustable?
No, to support tricks and stunt riding these bars are non adjustable.

What people are saying about the Madd Gear VX7:
“Five Stars, very sturdy and fun”


5. Fuzion Pro X-3 Scooter


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Fuzion’s Pro X-3 Scooter makes it onto this list because it’s an awesome little scooter for the price! It’s no mystery why this scooter sells thousands of units every single year. This latest 2018 rendition is the best Pro X-3 scooter to date, featuring an all new compression system, kink handle bar and a composite brake that stopped the rattling the previous brake was infamous for.  Let’s get down to the details… deck width on this scooter is 4 inches wide x 19 inches long, wheels are 100mm and mimic solid core wheels from high end models. The X-3 is the lowest priced scooter on this list but it isn’t the least sophisticated with features like a non threaded compression system and the same size wheels as the Envy One and Madd Gear VX7. However the Fuzion Pro X-3 is only 69.99 so for someone on a budget this scooter is the way to go.

Fuzion Pro X-3 Scooter Review:

1.How much does this scooter weigh?
It weighs about 8 pounds
2.Does this scooter fold up?
No this scooter does not fold but you can take the bars off by unscrewing the clamp bolts.
3.Whats the difference between this scooter and the Pro X-5?
The Pro X-5 has aluminum wheels and a reinforced handle bar.

What people are saying about the Fuzion Pro X-3:
“This scooter has the best bearing I’ve seen on a scooter this price”



6. ENVY Prodigy Series 6 Scooter


envy prodigy s6

Prodigy is Envy’s mid level pro scooter that has become uber popular, but let’s see what you get for the price tag of $199.99. The prodigy’s deck is 4.7 x 19.5 about the same deck dimensions as the Fuzion Z300 deck. Arguably the Prodigy deck is more stylish but not really, where Envy does shine is in the details. Envy has a knack for the little things like no other scooter brand. For example the all new molded front plate and rear deck inserts that square off the end of the scooter are next level, these features allow park riders to incorporate more “street” style into their riding. Colorway trends have often been set by Envy the fade on their series 5 “Candy” scooter inspired many color variations by other brands. This year they added glow in the dark wheels to “Splatter” colorway in series 6, with small creative tweaks like this Envy will continue to be a leader in the pro scooter market.

Envy Prodigy Series 6 Scooter Review:

7. Fuzion Pro X-5 Scooter




8. VOKUL TRII Pro Stunt Scooter

vokul-trii-pro-scooter green


9. Fuzion Z375 Complete Pro Scooter





Verdict: The Best Pro Scooters for 2018

The results are in we award the Fuzion Z300 as the best pro scooter for 2018. Moving forward the Fuzion Z300 is going to be hard to beat. At only $139.99 featuring premium components like 110mm wheels, a nylon break and stylish handle bars you can’t go wrong with this scooter.