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 The Best Pro Scooter Wheels Review


The use of scooter as fun riding has been popular in the past several years. The number of both adults and kids who become interested in using this enjoyable trend has been rising all over the world. With that, it is not the scooter itself, but scooter enthusiasts are looking to buy the best pro scooter wheel out there, along with other important parts of a scooter.

Scooter riders have done great efforts to make the sport of scooting reach a whole new level. Scooter are favored by people who want to express themselves differently. But most importantly, they want to experience a different kind of fun and entertainment.

That being said, you do not need to be a professional scooter to enjoy riding one. Make sure you buy the best pro scooter wheel to be able to experience a smooth and fast ride always. The good news is, you can get better every day.

What Is a Pro Scooter Wheel?

The type of wheel that you choose for your scooter has a strong impact on the performance and feel of the scooter. The wheels also affect the appearance of the scooter in general. The best pro scooter wheel consists of two main parts, which are core and urethane. But keep in mind that all the scooter wheels have different core styles and urethane compounds. This means that not all scooter wheels give the same feel.

Wheels that come with plastic cores are considered to be not as durable as the ones with metal cores. While the plastic core wheels have their own benefits, you cannot depend on them in more advanced scooter sports. On the other hand, pro scooter wheels can give you the best support, as they use metal cores. All wheels require 1x spacer and 2x bearings to be able to function properly.

Pro scooter wheels are also considered to be resistant to wear and tear. The majority of these wheels are available in either 110mm or 100mm in size. The wheel size that is bigger is more efficient and glides faster due to the amount of urethane on them.

All pro scooter wheels have urethane, in which the level of hardness is referred to as durometer. If the amount of durometer is higher, the harder it makes the durometer. When the urethane is harder, it gives more speed, while a softer urethane increases the grip of the wheel.

Benefits of Using Pro Scooter Wheels

 Professional scooter riders should be in good physical condition to easily perform powerful tricks. Jumping, kicking, and riding on a scooter can be a form of exercise. If you want to be active both physically and mentally, consider starting with a scooter. Since wheels significantly impact the performance of the rider, make sure you get the highest-quality pro scooter wheels. Here are some additional benefits of having the best pro scooter wheels:

  • They Are Fun. Being bored is the last thing that will be on your mind when scootering. You get to feel fresh air and see some sights.
  • Acquire Good Motor Skills. If you are using your muscles, your motor skills are in action. Riding on a scooter with pro wheels helps you work on your endurance and coordination. It also promotes overall strength. Through scootering, you will have more energy doing other activities.
  • Improve Balance. The design of a scooter helps the rider develop balance. While you need some kicking to run the thing, you need good balance to direct your course. As you ride, you learn to balance your weight, which in turn helps tone the muscles in your upper body.
  • Develop Confidence. With lots of practice and the development of good balance, scootering above quality set of wheels, you also build your self-confidence.
  • Benefit Health. Scootering promotes physical activity for all ages. It helps increase energy levels, strengthen bones, heart, and lungs. It helps clear your veins and arteries. Physical activity from riding on your scooter results in a healthier lifestyle.
  • Learn Safety. Yes, scootering is a form of sport and entertainment that teaches you safety. As with other kinds of riding, you have a high tendency to fall while scootering. This makes us wear helmet, pads on the knees and elbows, and some other protective wear. Kids, in particular, learn and understand the value of safety awareness. The consequence of disregarding safety can be fatal.

Why Do You Need to upgrade to Pro Scooter Wheels?

Lower level scooter wheels may work decently when you are just a beginner of the sport. They are also good for children riders. But, if you weigh more than 50 pounds and you have learned some skills, now is the right time to upgrade to the best pro scooter wheel.

Pro scooter wheels are sturdy enough to support the entire scooter as well as the weight of the rider. By investing in these high-quality wheels, you are actually saving money. This is because they have the capability to handle different tricks. This eliminates the problem of wheel breakage and buying new parts again. Quality components are of utmost importance, as you land big tricks.

Besides, when you have pro scooter wheels, you achieve some kind of status among your peers. In the future, if you decide to sell your scooter with pro wheels, the resale value is higher than having low-quality components.

8 Best Pro Scooter Wheels Product Reviews

  1. Lucky TFox Signature Hollow Core Scooter Wheel (1-Count)

t fox wheel cheap pro scooters

The Lucky TFox Signature pro scooter wheel is available individually. It comes in 3 colors. Choose from guac green, black, and blue. You can always mix and match depending on your preference. It means if you want to buy a pair, you would need to order two of these signature wheels. The wheel size of the Lucky TFox pro scooter wheel is 110mm. This high-quality wheel is actually in limited edition. As the name suggests, Tanner Fox, a professional stunt rider and YouTube extroadinaire  teamed up with Lucky, and create the design of this in demand wheels. It features the TFox signature and impressive graphics.

It features the LRT, which is the Lucky Rebound Technology. It combines new process of pouring, high-performing urethane, and fast roll due to its proprietary method of curing. The Lucky TFox wheel has pre-installed Lucky Speedroll bearing. The entire wheel is made if high-quality components including 6061 aluminium in aircraft grade. This wheel is compatible with all the Lucky’s pro scooter models.

You can say that Lucky TFox Signature wheel is designed with modern riders in mind.


  • High-grade materials
  • With pre-installed Speedroll bearing by Lucky
  • Compatible with any Lucky’s pro scooter brand.
  • Features Lucky Rebound Technology
  • Great aesthetic appeal


  • In limited supplies
  • Sold individually
  • Only has a few choices of colors


  1. Liberty Pro Scooters – Singles Series – 110mm Hollow Core

liberty cheap pro scooters

The Singles Series hollow core wheel provides the opportunity to customize your scooter. It comes in 8 colors, starting from neo chrome. You can mix and match any of these colors. This pro scooter wheel by Liberty is 110mm in size. This product is backed by the Hollow Core technology that has been making the lightest yet most durable pro scooter wheels. The urethane hardness of the Singles Series is 88a, which is not bad considering it is near the highest rating of 100a. It also comes with ABEC 9 bearing.


  • Features Hollow Core technology
  • Has a lot of colors to choose from
  • Light and sturdy materials
  • Installed with ABEC 9 wheel bearing


  • The design is not as attractive as other brands
  • Receives a few reviews about being slightly prone to breakage


  1. Phoenix Kai Saunders Alloy Core Signature Pro Scooter Wheel 110mm

    phoenix kai saunders wheels cheap pro scooters

The Kai Saunders signature pro scooter wheel is in honor of Kai Saundezy. He has been loyal to the Phoenix AM team, as he has been riding for the team for some years already. Phoenix considered him as a professional rider, as he has been playing well and has put his name among the lists of other professional players. The Phoenix Kai wheel comes with top-quality materials that promote strength and longevity. Its wheel size of 110mm is compatible with any pro scooter that is able to fit this wheel size.

This Kai Saunders alloy core pro scooter wheel is sold individually. It has a durometer hardness of 87a. The product includes ABEC 9 pre-installed bearing. The design of the wheel is Phoenix F7 wheel with the signature of the great Saundezy.


  • Cool design
  • High-quality materials
  • With Kai Saundezy signature
  • Compatible with most pro scooter models


  • The durometer hardness scale could have been higher
  • Sold individually, which means you need to other two or more


  1. Root Industries AIR Scooter Wheels 110mm – Set of 2

root industries air wheels cheap pro scooters

The AIR pro scooter wheels by Root Industries feature the Hollowcore technology. This means the twin plate aches are lightweight and powerful at the same time. The wheel carries 190 grams in weight. If you include the bearings, it is still mega light at 220 grams. The inner chamber of the AIR scooter wheels have lightness just like air. This pro scooter wheel is considered a premium wheel, as it features the classic Root Industries PU Formula. This technology provide strength and speed. This product is sold in pairs, which is a better option compared to the ones that sold separately. Moreover, it comes with ABEC 11 bearings from Root Industries.


  • Available in pairs
  • Pre-installed with ABEC 11 bearings
  • Features PU Formula by Root Industries
  • Provides speed and durability


  • Does not have other available colors


  1. Crisp Hollowtech Spoked Alloy Pro Scooter Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings – 100mm or 110mm

crisp hollow tech wheels cheap pro scooters

This spoked alloy pro scooter wheel is a freestyle scooter brand. As the name indicate, it promises high-performance and durable scooter ride. The Crisp company offers a modern, two-toned spoked design that is suitable for the professional riders on town. What the rider wants, the Crisp Scooters company give. It is because the company wants to constantly improve their products by being open to the needs and wants of the customers.

It comes with pre-installed ABEC 9 bearings. The hardness of the polyurethane has the rating of 88a. This Crisp Hollow-tech scooter wheel is available in two size options, which is the 100mm or the 110mm. It is compatible with all the pro scooters that accommodate either of this wheel size.


  • High-quality and durable
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • With pre-installed ABEC 9 bearings
  • With two-toned design


  • A few users complain about the strength and the performance it gives.


  1. Root Air Wheels 120mm


At 120mm wheel size, it is one of the lightest scooter wheels on the market today. Together with the bearings, it has 230grams in weight. These AIR wheels are pre-installed with ABEC 11bearings from super fast Root Industries. These Root AIR wheels are sold in pairs.

It features the Hollowcore technology that boasts lightness and strength at the same time.


  • With Hollowcore technology
  • With pre-fitted bearings of ABEC 11
  • Comes with great design
  • They come in two wheels


  • These wheels are bigger than the average scooter wheel size, hence not compatible to many pro scooters.


  1. Ride858 120mm Signature Wheels by Jackson Bartlett (Pair)


The Ride 858 Signature wheels 120mm is designed by the professional rider Jackson Bartlett. The fact that it is designed by the world’s best is enough to trust the brand and feel confident as you use them on the street. The wheels are long-lasting with faster turns and rolls, thanks to the polyurethane Formula. This ensures you have no flat spots. Also, rest assure that they are temperature resistant due to the Silk Riks.

The wider radius and increased surface contact help distribute the weight load resulting to optimum ride and secure landing. The Ride 858 pro scooter wheels comes with 88a scale of CNC. In addition, it boasts the 10 spoke lightweight technology.


  • Comes with 88a CNC grade
  • With wider radius
  • Resistant to temperature
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Cool design
  • Comes with 10 spoke lightweight technology
  • More affordable than other brands


  • Does not guarantee the best performance


  1. Envy Scooters Lambo Wheels 120mm (Pair)


This pro scooter wheel model features the most unique design in the industry today, and they are referred to as the Lambo wheels. It acquired its name because the Envy scooter were designed based on the rims of the Lamborghini Aventador Coupe. It has 120mm and about 2mm thicker than the average scooter wheel. Due to its wide urethane components, the rider has more control while cruising on the road.

This wheel is compatible to the 2016 Envy scooter and onward. The bearings and spacers are included when you buy the product. Also, it comes in pairs.


  • With unique design
  • Comes in two wheels


  • Limited compatibility with the fork and deck, due to 120mm design
  • Require constant tightening due to loose bearings

Pro Scooter Wheel Buying Guide

When you are in search for a scooter wheel, you want to get those that can make you fly around the skate park yet keep traction.  Speed and grip will help you perform tricks easily and safely. Here, on Cheap Pro Scooters you can find useful guidelines when looking for the best scooter wheels.

Importance of Wheel Size

The size of the scooter wheel involves its tallness and diameter. When it comes to diameter, it is usually between 100mm and 125mm. If the wheel is taller, it produces smoother and faster ride, although it takes longer to get going. Basically, taller wheels are about speed and safety, as they can handle cracks and rocks well.

On the other hand, it is more maneuverable when you have smaller wheels. Riders use smaller wheels for stunts as they tend to slide better and do not wear out fast. This is mainly due to the higher amount of durometer in them.

As you choose the wheel size for your scooter, it is extremely important that they fit in the fork of your scooter. In addition, scooters have a wide array of colors to choose from. The one you pick contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your scooter.

Hardness of Wheels

Again, when talking about scooter wheel hardness, it refers to durometer. The rating starts from 0 to 100. A zero scale means the wheel has no resistance, while a hundred scale means highly hard plastic.

When the wheels of the scooter are softer, they produce good shock absorption. The drawback is that these wheels are not resistant to wearing and tearing. Overall, softer wheels are ideal for outdoors.

Scooter wheels that are harder produce smooth ride with less drag. These wheels are most suitable for indoor surfaces. Both softer and harder wheels have their own benefits. In fact, seasoned scooter riders check the weather outside and based the durometer of their wheel. If the temperature is warm and the road is expected to be melting from the sun, riders use wheels with high durometer. When the temperature is cold outside, riders believe softer wheels are ideal, as the ground is expected to be harder.

Wheel Cores

The core of the scooter wheel carries the bearings and attaches to the material of the wheel. The cores greatly impact the overall performance of the scooter wheels. A core bearing that is a bit bigger, does not tightly hold the bearings. In this case, the wheel is cocked in order for it to rub on the frame. In some wheels, the cores are closed, which are solid aluminum. Others have open cores, in which the spokes are visible.

Cores that are misaligned can result to drag and causes the wheel urethane to heat up and melt. The following are some common types of cores:

  • Hollow Core – Lightweight and hollow inside.
  • Spoked Core – Lightweight and a bit weak. The core has cutouts and holes.
  • Plastic Core – It is slightly flexible and not strong enough.
  • Solid Core – The core is extremely durable for optimum strength.


Wheel Rebound

The rebound of a pro scooter wheel indicates a low, medium, or high level. If the wheel has a high rebound, gives increased response on every stroke. This is because the wheel has a high energy by lowering the rolling resistance. When the wheel carries some weight, this causes the bottom to flatten. As the wheel spins, the urethane compresses and expands, depending if it is underneath or at the top. This kind of compression involves rolling resistance and energy, which cause the wheel to slow down.

Wheel Profile

When it comes to the profile of a pro scooter wheel, it means the cross-section that touches the ground. In general, scooter wheels have a thickness of 24mm. What separates the wheel is their footprint variation. The footprint helps with the stability, traction, and functionality. It also offers sharp turning.

The following are the types of profiles:

  • Narrow – This profile provides speed.
  • Flat – This provides maximum grip and rubber strength.

Axle of the Wheel

The axles are important components of a scooter wheel. The axles help your wheels glide  faster. The axles on your wheels should not be too tight to allow the wheels and bearings to run smoothly.

 Scooter Wheel Bearing and Spacer

The bearings help the wheels have minimal friction and smooth spinning movement. They have major impact on the speed of the wheel. If you want to get the desired effect, you may want to get a bearing set of at least ABEC 9. ABEC means the Annual Bearing Evaluation Committee, which is a system of precision bearings. The rate is from 1 to 9, with 9 to the have the highest precision standard.

The bearing spacer that is located inside a pro scooter wheel should not be disregarded. You need to have the right spacer as the life of the bearings depend on it. Your ride is smooth because of the correct spacer as well. The majority of wheels accommodate a bearing spacer of 10mm. However, there are some manufacturers that specify the right size of bearing spacer. Always remember that you must not ride your scooter without a bearing spacer in your wheel.

Some pro scooter wheels have thin aluminium bearing spacers. When tightening the axles, the spacers are squeezed and become quite narrow. You may opt to change those aluminium ones with steel bearing spacers.

  • If bearing spacer is extremely wide – This case leads to unwanted friction, which in turn decrease the life of your bearings, complete breakage, or cause the wheel to become really slow.
  • If bearing spacer is quite narrow – If this is the case of your spacer or no spacer at all, the result can be breakage of wheels, deck and fork dropouts, broken bearings, or slow rolling wheels. This also causes you to tighten the axles again and again.

Decide on your wheels with Pride

As you decide what is best for you or for your child, do not hesitate to invest in quality materials. Buying them does not only increase the appearance and value of the scooter, the best pro scooter wheel ensures the safety of the rider. Moreover, professional wheels give you the edge over your colleague or competition in this sport.

Using quality wheels is like being one step ahead of the group. You may be a beginner of the sport now, but there is always room for improvement. And, just like having new shoes, the pro scooter wheels will help you develop your skill level.


Pro Scooter Wheels for Two-wheeled Scooters

When it comes to riding a scooter with two wheels, you need to have more balancing skills. This kind of scooter involves a particular speed in order to maintain balance. When it comes to turning, the rider has to lean their body toward the middle part of the turn. This is your way of counter balancing the centrifugal force.

Price Considerations

When on the lookout for the best pro scooter wheel to install on your scooter, one of the first things you check is the price. It does not matter whether you buy it for yourself or for another member of the family, as a consumer, you prefer the cost-effective ones.

When it comes the sooner wheels, there are plenty of offerings out there. There are many different sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. However, you ultimately pick the one based on your budget range. But make sure you also check the features of the scooter wheels if they are efficient and advanced, because you may end up buying a product that performs poorly and improperly.

Weight Considerations

You can find many scooters that can carry a weight up to 220 lbs. Since the wheels mainly support the weight of the rider, make sure the ones you buy is capable of supporting your weight. Otherwise, the scooter wheels will wear out in no time, which would only be a waste of your money.

It is best to find the wheels that can support more than your weight, so that you can ride on your scooter for a long time, as the wheels serve their purpose just as long.


When shopping for the best pro scooter wheels, it is recommended to also check the given guarantee of the manufacturer. High quality products usually have long warranty. If the manufacturer cannot offer a warranty, it means they lack the confidence that their products can really perform. In addition, a long warranty is not enough. Find out if it covers the important components to make the most of the warranty.


Additional Tips When Buying Pro Scooter Wheels


  • Choose the size of your wheels wisely especially of children will also use it. Bigger wheels may be difficult for a child to brake.
  • A rider that is heavy should choose pro scooter wheels for that increased strength.
  • Pro scooter wheels are best suited for riders who perform tricks and often join advanced scooter riding, for example, the dirt scooters and stunt scooters.
  • You can change your wheels as a way to customize your scooter, whether to change the appearance of your scooter or to improve it’s performance.
  • Some manufacturers do not indicate the hardness of their wheels. In such case, it is better to try them first.
  • It is important that the core and bearing are completely aligned, otherwise, breakage may occur.
  • Make sure the wheels fit perfectly on the forks of your scooter. Unless, you want to get another set of forks to accommodate the size of your wheels.
  • When installing your wheels, see to it that they are snug properly to avoid friction on the bearings.
  • If you see that your scooter or scooter wheels is showing damage, replace them at once to avoid accidents and injuries.


Best Pro Scooter Wheels Conclusion


In simple terms, a scooter without any wheels is an incomplete scooter. And if there are wheels, but in poor quality, it is still useless and just causes you some frustrations. To be able to ride efficiently and perform or learn tricks, using pro scooter wheels is important. These wheels help in the weight distribution. So not forget the materials of the scooter wheels; if you want durability and smoothness, look for the ones that are made out of quality parts and components.

The size of your pro scooter wheel affects how well you ride on your scooter. If you have smaller wheels, you go slower. If you have bigger wheels, you roll faster. As with every rider, you want the fastest scooter wheel out there. Having said that, it is not all about speed. Scootering covers some other things such as stunts, balance, turns, landing, etc.

Among the list of our pro scooter wheel product reviews, they are all great options, but the clear winner is the Ride 858 signature scooter wheels Jackson Bartlett edition. Apart from having an attractive design and high-quality materials, it also gives the strongest grip. No wonder it is highly recommended by “Scooter Brad,” a popular scooter reviewer and enthusiast.

Technology keeps on improving with all the inventions getting more advanced and come with better features. This also applies to the scooter wheel industry. Manufacturers are creating better options in the form of pro scooter wheels. Regardless of your age or your skill level, there is a pro scooter wheel that is perfect for you.