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Scooter Safety Gear

Scooter riding is a great activity for kids but let’s be honest have you seen the size of the ramps at the skatepark? Aren’t they massive? Although fun the skatepark can wreak havoc on your kids body we’ve seen broken arms, legs and wrists. Fractures to knees, elbows and feet. As a parent you’ve got to do your job to protect you kid and make sure they have all the safety gear they’ll need to shred at the skatepark.A well equipped kid will have a helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, mouthguard (dentist bills are very expensive) and compression shorts (bruised tail bones are a pain in the…).Below we’ve compiled a list of the top rated safety gear for serious pro scooter riders.

Top Rated Pro Scooter Safety Gear




Knee Pads


Elbow Pads