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How Much Do Pro Scooter Riders Get Paid?

Before we answer the questions let’s go through a little background info. Pro scooter riding has been trending for a few years now and it has landed on the mainstream markets radar. A visit to your local Walmart, Target or Toys R Us will confirm the increasing popularity as “pro scooters” by big box brands like Huffy and Pulse line retail shelves. Scootering is approaching the same change Skateboarding once went through after Tony Hawk landed the infamous 900 in San Francisco at the X-Games. A time when the people with long money start noticing and investing. With the scootering scene growing rapidly more and more money will find it’s way into the niche sport.  Ultimately this will mean greater pay for some professional scooter riders and just pay for others. Well what exactly does that mean? Great pay and just pay?

Currently only some professional riders are getting paid. While others find themselves on the receiving end of travel for competitions and merchandise to represent their sponsors. However these days might be slowly coming to a close. In this era of fast paced social media and “everybody has a platform” many scooter riders have taken earning big into their own hands. While many have failed terribly, there have been quite a few giant successes in the scooter rider gone entrepreneur lineage.

The Tanner Fox Effect

Tanner Fox is the probably the reason why a lot of scooter riders are getting paid by their sponsors or by platforms like YouTube and Shopify. It all started with the following video:

Tanner and his best friend Jake Angeles filmed S%#T Scooter Riders Say and nothing would be the same. Scootering like all of the other action sports has a niche/cult following. However unlike many of the other actions sports Scootering never had an outlet where everyone interested could go to get their scootering fix. Tanner and Jake capitalized on this probably unknowingly at the time. After a few big victories creating Hover Board trick videos these guys knew they were onto something with YouTube and the reception of  the first video on Jake’s Channel set the stage. Tanner followed up with his rendition or “Pt. 2 SH*T SCOOTER RIDERS SAY!” and then comes the revolution.

Tanner would find his groove and start creating content on a weekly basis other scooter personalities like Jake Angeles would also jump into the newly discovered niche and start creating for the masses. Really the rest is history, from this point forward many have carved out their spots by creating unique content related to the scooter industry i.e. Capron and Corey Funk, Kota, R. Willy and Scooter Brad while others started in the scene but branched out into endeavors they found to be more appealing i.e. Jeremy and Jordan Beau.

At the end of the day these Pro Scooter riders found a way to get paid! They opened the eyes of lots of people that their passion and craft of scooter riding is bigger than was originally thought. As we roll into 2018 many top scooter brands are keen to spending more on their riders to promote their brands and products. If they are savvy enough today’s pro scooter riders aren’t only getting paid but they are getting paid through multiple streams.

Professional Scooter Riders Revenue Sources:

  • Brand Sponsorship
  • YouTube Content
  • Merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc.)
  • Contest Purses (largest being ISA World Finals, Scoot Fest, Pro Scooter Series)

So do Pro Scooter Riders get paid? Well, yes! Some are getting more than others as they how to monetize their various platforms and leverage their worth to companies.

Luxurious Lifestyles Of Scooter Riders

The top riders not only get paid but they get paid very very well. Along with money these guys get to travel all over the world to do the thing they love to do most shred street spots and skate parks. That in itself is priceless, never having to punch the clock and do something you dislike doing is something that you just can’t put a price tag or salary on. We’ve compiled a list of the more well to do scooters riders for 2018.

Tanner Fox

tanner fox pro scooter riders get paid

Tanner built a YouTube empire and incorporated music videos and a full fledged lifestyle company “T Fox Brand” into the mix.

Dakota Schuetz

pro scooter riders that ger paid

Kota has won lot’s of competition prize purses, had lucrative sponsorship deals, a merchandise line, his own skate park tour and finally the more recent Kota Scooters launch.

Funk Bros

funk bros pro scooter rider

The Funk Bros have also won many prize purses, had lucrative sponsorship deals, merch and a massive YouTube following. Corey and Capron make some of most quality content online.

Scooter Brad

scooter brad pro scooter riders who get paid

Now “Finna SB” is a little different than the rest of the bunch, while he is a rider he isn’t world class by any means however he carved out a nice niche by curating content from the scooter scene as a whole . In the beginning he talked a lot of trash about certain riders to draw attention to the positive things he was doing. Now days he cutting deals with different companies while delivering great content.

Ryan Williams

scooter riders that get paid ryan williams

Ryan Williams is a sterling example of a scooter rider that made it big, he’s sponsored by Madd Gear, Hyper Bmx, Snafu and Nitro Circus. According to Courier News AU Ryan agreed to a 1 million dollar deal with Nitro Circus to tour with the promotion for the next 3 years.

Stunt scooter riding has come a long way since its origin and the riders are finally being rewarded and compensated how they should be. Aforementioned pro rider Dakota Schuetz recently went to Instagram to make a point to doubters. He’s probably heard his whole career “that riding a scooter is never going to get you anywhere” and he issues a great response to the doubt by posting a picture of himself and Tanner in front of their cars R32 Skyline and Toyota FRS.

scooter riders get paid alot

What is the Average Salary of a Pro Scooter Rider?

Everyone who was listed above aren’t average by any means, they are all stand outs in the sport but that doesn’t mean that a fair living can’t be made doing something you love like scooter riding. According to a leading salary website the median income for a pro scooter rider is about $59,000 annually. This salary is based on a collective of income streams but in actuality most riders are making very little. Mostly due to the sport being so new and riders not being educated on how to monetize their skills. To earn more money a rider needs to focus on their craft which is riding but they also need to do more.

Alongside practicing tricks a smart rider one who is career focused will also focus on his or her marketability. There are so many ways to develop a marketable persona and at this exact moment Instagram, Snap chat and YouTube are going to be the best tools. Be funny, be exciting but more than anything be yourself. Being yourself is important because you want to have a persona that is sustainable, you never want to feel like you can’t be yourself while doing something you have to do a lot. For a great example  of someone who made themselves Marketable with a capital “M” is Claudius Vertesi his crazy personality and high energy make him electric drawing viewership and sponsors alike.

Top earners are getting between $75,000 and $350,000 per year not bad at all, for being skilled on something that people considered a kids toy a few years ago. So that’s it for now but we will update this article as the salary scale for pro scooter riders increases or declines.