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The Most Expensive Pro Scooter Here is your guide to the highest ticket priced Pro Scooters

The scooter industry have been showing growth for last few years and this growth allows for the limits of innovation to be pushed further than ever. With the growth in innovation the price tags of some of these new pro scooters has reached some incredible new heights.

In a recent scooter brad video he showcased an all titanium scooter that would retail for over $1,300. At the moment prices haven’t gotten close to that as the titanium example is a one off prototype.

The higher tier of pro scooters presents an interesting landscape right now because of the players, while some might be predictable one of the players in this top level of stunt scooter might surprise you quite a bit. Before we uncover and talk about the most costly completes right now lets consider why these prices have gotten driven way up.

Why are Pro Scooters So Expensive?

Scooters aren’t expensive just for the scooter industry brands to make more money. Taking a closer look at the offerings wrapped up in some of these completes the prices are strictly based on the component packages. On entry level scooters you can expect low cost materials, spotty craftsmanship and frankly ugly uninspired designs.  A basic entry level stunt scooter will feature a steel fork, smaller 4 inch wide deck, very basic down tube (or neck), squared block-like deck design, basic head-tube with no cuts and no designs.

In complete contrast to the scooters we consider in this guide a higher end pro scooter will feature premium materials like Aluminum. Aluminum will typically grace the deck, fork and handle bars. At the moment no complete scooter features any premium bars but we think its coming down the pipe soon. Titanium, carbon fiber and even something exotic like magnesium might surface in an out of the box pro scooter in the next year or so.


Components Are What Makes Stunt Scooters So Expensive

Picking up where we left off talking about bars, wheels are another area that allow for premium components. Right now where are going through somewhat of an revolution. One of the companies that is setting the tone remarkably is Ride 858, unlike any of the other brands Ride came right out of the gate dropping signature wheels for their entire pro team. Not only did this strategy make for incredible product but it also shows a dedication and partnership between the brand and its riders.

Forks are another nice area for a high end scooter to strut it’s stuff. Aluminum is the main standard on upper echelon scooters, the main differentiation is the process used in making the fork. Complete one piece forks are becoming increasingly popular in the industry along with full integration.

Decks with extravagant procedures during the manufacturing process  are the main calling card on the elite level scoots. A prime example of a trend setter in this regards is Ethic DC. When they first came onto the scene Ethics down tube with basically no material set the scooter world on fire. Even now that it has been on the market for a few years the allure is still there however the reputation of durability isn’t quite there. Top level sponsored pro scooter riders aren’t really concerned with durability since they will be comped product as they need it. On the flip side if you as a consumer are spending money on a scooter that is $250+ you want something that is durable.

In our opinion it is very important to check each of the following critical areas to get a scooter that is worth the money.


How Much is the Most Expensive Pro Scooter

Currently the most expensive Pro Scooter that we carry is the Kota Icon Complete Pro Scooter in the black colorway  below retailing at $349.99

Kota icon scooter most expensive pro scooter


Kota Icon Specs:

How does the Kota Icon stack up against the rest of the field of expensive pro scooters? Well to be honest the Icon is very similar to the rest of the field so the extra $50 from the closest competitor really isn’t warranted. However, we love what the Kota brand is doing and District for that matter. This seems like a great partnership and to get the premium version of that District brand the consumer has to pay for it.

With this move following the whole “Unsponsored” movement from a few years back it makes all the sense in the world for Dakota to have his own brand.

Best Expensive Pro Scooters

Here is our list of the very best of the very best.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the most expensive pro scooters on the market in 2018, we can’t wait for 2019. Overall the scooter market has been heating up and all the industries top players are bring their A+ game. The stakes are only going to continue to get higher and higher. Who will jump out on a limb and release the first ever $500 complete? Only time will tell, until next time.