How To Choose A Stunt Scooter December 13, 2017 – Posted in: Scooter Industry

how to choose a stunt scooter

How to choose a stunt scooter

You’re heading to your local scooter shop or you’re already searching online and hitting up or better yet But you aren’t sure which stunt scooter you should be considering or which one you should buy. Thankfully you found this article which will help you consider the main things you should be looking for before making a decision on a stunt scooter.

How much is a stunt scooter

#1 thing you’ll automatically pay attention to is the price tag. Stunt scooters will vary in price quite a bit and the quality will vary just as much. You’ll want to choose a reputable brand name like Fuzion Pro Scooters, picking a known brand is going to save you the hassle down the line. For example let’s say you have a problem and you need to replace the hardware or the wheels on your scooter. If you selected a less known brand they might not have a warranty nor might they have replacement parts readily available. Paying an extra $10 or $20 for a product that a brand is going to stand behind is well worth the extra cash.

Pricing is really going to depend on the level of rider that you’re shopping for, just for the sake of this guide we’ll break this up into three categories and give the top three suggestions for each scooter level.

1st Young Beginning Riders

Price point for a young rider between ages 5-10 should be anywhere between $69.99 and $89.99

2nd Younger Rider with Experience

Ideal pricing for a stunt scooter equipped enough to handle a kid between the ages of 5 and 12… $99.99 to $200

3rd Young Teen with or without Experience

Best Scooters for someone in this bracket is going to be priced around $150 and end upwards of $250

What Should I look for in the Stunt Scooter

what to look for in a stunt scooter

what to look for in a stunt scooter

On the lower price spectrum you’ll typically expect very limited components on the scooters available. For example with most stunt scooters under $150 you’ll get a threaded compression system, small 100mm  plastic core wheels, a metal flex brake and flimsy grip tape that might rip and tear off within a few days. A prime example is the Vokul VK Scooter which retails for $59.90, this scooter is listed at an amazing price point but to a degree you will get what you pay for.

Right in the middle of the price spectrum, you’ll want to make sure your potential scooter has an integrated non threaded compression system, metal core wheel with decent size  (don’t except anything under 110mm) and bars that are at least 22″ tall. An ideal scooter for this threshold is the Fuzion Z300 complete scooter, this particular scooter packs a huge punch at an unmatched price point of $139.99. A stunt scooter with all the same features from Envy for example will land about $30 more.

Lastly if you are looking in the $200-$250 price range, you’ll want to make sure the scooter offers everything that the last category offered but you should insist on the extras. When I say extras I’m referring to the small details that take the scooter to the next level. To qualify for a $200 price tag a scooter HAS to have a cool colorway or paint job! Think bold patterns, bright colors and polished metal finishes. Next it should have a forged deck with extremely curves and styling. For perfection look for the stunt scooter to be equipped with all aluminum components and 120mm wheels.


Stunt Scooter F.A.Q

Do the handle bars fold?

Nope, on a stunt scooter the handle bars are always going to be non-adjustable this is for the safety of the rider. Any adjustable mechanism will compromise the stability of the bars. Stability concerns while flipping over a quarter pipe is a big no no!

How do I choose a stunt scooter?

Read the information above! Duh!

How tall should a stunt scooter be?

There are a lot of variables depending on the scooter riders height and riding style. Typically park riders will have shorter handle bars and street oriented riders will have taller bars.

How to do a 180 on stunt scooter?

Hopefully this guide on “How to choose a Stunt Scooter” helps you make a good purchasing decision.