Den Haven Scooter Review

Den Haven Scooter Review 4 Stars (4 / 5)

den haven scooter review


Today’s kids usually spend most of their time in front of a screen, be it TV, video games, or mobile phones. The experience of the great outdoors is left behind, and many don’t even like to go out to play anymore. The streets that once used to be filled with kids playing around now seem quite empty.

There are a lot of drawbacks of this though. Their imagination becomes limited, and their eyes start to weaken by staring at the screen all the time.

For children to grow up healthily, it is necessary that they spend some time outdoors. Not only does that boost their imagination, but it also ensures that they remain healthy and active. In turn, this allows them to grow into healthier adults. The number of activities that a child can do outside is numerous, but some of the best ones involve wheels. Here, we are talking about a scooter.

A scooter allows your child to get from point A to point B with ease, and it is less dangerous compared to many other toys with wheels as they can easily ride it on the sidewalk. Secondly, a scooter is a lot of fun, even if they are riding it around the house. It allows them to use their legs, thus getting enough exercise in return.

One of the best scooters your child can use is the Den Haven Scooter. This product is built to be durable and is designed to provide maximum safety and balance.

Adjustable Scooter

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A concern that many parents have when buying a scooter is that their child will grow out of it quickly. However, that is not the case with this one. The scooter has been designed in a way that kids of various ages and heights can use it, so the same scooter can be used by all the children in your family, provided that they don’t fight over it or else you will have to buy another one.

The rod that connects the handle to the rest of the scooter comes with a small lever, which is stuck to the metal rod and ensures that the handle is locked in place. By pulling open the lever, you can simply pull the handle up or down to adjust it to the height that you want and push the lever back into place to lock it again. You don’t need to worry as once locked, it will not budge from its place.

Three-Wheel Design

When scooters were invented, they usually came with two wheels that were in line with each other. As a result, it was harder for kids, especially younger ones, to gain their balance and use it with stability. Keeping this factor in mind, scooters then started coming in a three-wheel design as well, and the Den Haven Scooter is one such scooter.

There are two wheels up front and one wheel at the back which ensures maximum stability and allows children to gain better balance, reducing the likelihood of them falling on their first attempt. Not only does this provide safety, but it is a lot of fun as well. Plus, this design ensures that the scooter is able to stand on its own as well when not in use without a kickstand.

Specifications of the Den Haven Scooter

  • This scooter is suitable for children of any skill level. Beginner, intermediate, and experts alike will be comfortable in using this scooter.
  • The scooter has been constructed using durable metal and nylon composites that make sure that it is of supreme quality and lasts a long time. It also makes the scooter durable and robust.
  • The front wheels are wide apart which ensure stability and easy balance. It also allows the scooter to stand on its own.
  • The wheels are made up of high-quality PU and bearings which ensures smooth rides and reduced vibration. It also allows the kids to ride easily on almost any type of terrain, causing minimum or no damage to the wheels.
  • The frame of the scooter is built with aluminum which makes sure that the scooter life is long.
  • There are comfort grip pads on the handles so that a firm grip can be made.
  • It comes with a rear brake which can be used by pressing the back of the scooter to stop. The brake is made up of a large aluminum reinforced pedal.
  • The manufacturer of the scooter is Den Haven, one of the top brands in such toys.

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

This scooter has gotten a high customer rating of 4.2 out of 5. It has been loved by many because it is one of the top-quality scooters that you can find on the market and is easy to use for kids, ensuring good balance and stability. Also, it is available at a decent price and is available in different colors.

The handles go up to 24 inches maximum, which is good enough for young children but may be a bit short for tall kids. Hence, if you are looking for a durable scooter by a reputable brand and your child is not too tall, the Den Haven Scooter is the best choice.

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