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Complete Pro Scooters

Buying a complete pro stunt scooter is the best option for a beginning rider and we have the extensive selection to ensure you get the scooter you’re looking for! With a complete you’ll everything you need to starting riding right away. The main benefit to starting with a complete pro scooter versus a custom is that you’ll typically save a lot of money.

Complete Pro Scooter vs Customer Pro Scooter

When you make a custom scooter you literally select every single necessary scooter component. Let’s break down all that is included and the average prices:

Bar ends $7.00, Grips $12.00, Handle Bars $80.00, Clamp $20.00, Headset $25.00, Fork $40.00, Wheels $60.00, Axles $12.00, Deck $120, Grip Tape $15.00

That’s a grand total of $391.00!!!!

In comparison you can get a sweet complete scooter with decent components for less than $200.00. This is a no brainer especially if you’re shopping for a beginning rider who hasn’t developed a lot of preferences yet. A few years ago completes were really only sufficient for younger riders but in today’s market many of the industry’s top brands are raising the bar and releasing well endowed completes at remarkable prices.

Cheap Pro Scooters Top 5 Completes