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Cheapest pro scooter, what is it?

A “pro scooter” is a non foldable scooter with an extruded deck that is designed to be a bit more sturdy than a traditional scooter. All for the purpose of performing tricks like tail whips and rail grinds. Kids love pro scooters but they can be really expensive, many of the professional riders custom build their scooters hand selecting each part to their liking. These scooters can reach astronomical prices upwards of $1,000.

For a kid just starting out there is no need to spend a thousand or even hundreds of dollars on something that could be a passing trend to them like a pro scooter. The smart way to approach the situation is starting off with a modest scooter and then if your son or daughter sticks with scootering upgrade them to a nicer model.

Where to buy your pro scooter?

This all depends on where you live and your shopping preferences. If you live in southern california you can mostly like walk into a variety of actual scooter shops and pick from their selection on hand. The Vault Pro Scooters, Scooter Zone, The Shop Pro Scooter Labs, Proride Scooters are all big players in the pro scooter shop market.

We are in 2018 so a lot of people like to shop online and while all of these scooter shops have online stores and offer unmatched expertise we have to acknowledge the Giant Elephant In The Room Also Known As AMAZON.COM. Amazon offers a wide variety of pro scooters at crazy price spectrum, you’ll find the cheapest pro scooter there. Entry level pro scooters can be had on amazon as low as $39.99!!!  

How Cheap of a Pro Scooter Should I buy?

cheapest pro scooter

If you are on a serious budget but going to buy a pro scooter remember one thing. What kids use pro scooters for! This scooter is going to be a vessel that your son or daughter is going to be flying through the air on, sliding on rails with, jumping off of stairs on and a whole lot of other things you probably don’t want to think about. We say this to say that you want something decent because you get what you pay for. Remember the $39.99 scooter?

It’s the Pulse Performance KR2 Scooter. The detailed specs are as followed:

At a glance these are decent specs for an entry level pro scooter. Oversized handle bars are good because they are built with more material than standard sized bars. Steel decks are good in this segment because it provides the maximum durability. Maximum weight capacity is 140 lbs which is sufficient for younger children. Overall this scooter isn’t a bad deal for 2- $20 dollar bills but you do get what you pay for. For a beginners pro scooter, it should meet  few different requirements which are:

Beginners Pro Scooter Must Have’s

  1. Metal core wheels
  2. Durable wheels in general
  3. Internal Compression System
  4. A Warranty!

Metal core wheels: You need to get a pro scooter with metal core wheels because the wheels are the part of the scooter that is constantly under duress. Either absorbing weight impact or rolling on rough surfaces the wheels are going to take a beating. #2 falls into this same concept a scooter is only as good as its wheels. Once a wheel goes bad your scooter is out of commission.

Internal Compression: A sophisticated compression system is important in keeping your scooter together and sounding together. The compression system in a pro scooter keeps the fork and bars locked on together with the help of the clamp of course. However a wonky compression system will be loud and the overall scooter will not perform. Many lower cost cheap pro scooters will feature threaded compression systems with bicycle styled compression that needs special tools to tighten you want to stay away from these types as they will require special trips to a bike store to readjust them once loose and trust me they will become loose.

Last but not least you want a WARRANTY! Pro scooters are high impact items and they will break and have other things go wrong with them as they are massed produced. In case you do get a faulty item ensure that your manufacturer will stand behind your product. Nothing is worse than having an upset kid and no means of fixing their problem. Hopefully this write up helps you make an educated decision on buying a quote on quote cheap pro scooter. Go for what your budget allows but don’t grab the cheapest pro scooter available because you will ultimately get what you pay for.