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Scooters are awesome, but have you heard of Fuzion Pro Scooters? You may be in for a treat. Whether you’re someone who rides bikes and scooters semi-professionally, or you’re someone who is very casual with them, you’ll want to check out what Fuzion pro scooters can offer you. Check out some of the best they have below!

The Best Fuzion Pro Scooters Product Reviews




First on our list is a great 2018 model that’s already taking the industry by storm. Noted as an Amazon choice for those that want a durable and reliable set of mini wheels, this scooter is one for the taking. Priced very well with upgrade components, you’ll be surprised at what this scooter can offer you. Fuzion claims that this model is only fitted with top of the line components to ensure only the highest quality of model. The IHC compression is also upgraded, and features sealed bearings. Noted as “durable and dialed threadless headset”, you can enjoy being a little rough with this scooter without worrying. We think that being made out of aircraft grade aluminum means it’s pretty durable, right?

The Advantages of the Product

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Durable and reliable
  • Aircraft grade aluminum deck
  • Steel V-bars that are high tensile

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • The deck may be a bit too think for some, or the bars may be too short – not really a disadvantage of the product’s performance, but it’s better suited for some than others



Next on our list is another X series, but this time we’re looking towards the X-5. A 2018 model and ready to fly at your command, you’ll be able to benefit grade A components while being extremely well priced. The skill level of this scooter is noted as entry-level riders to those that are more intermediate while featuring a break above the back wheel for ease of use. Even if you’re an intermediate ready to graduate to the next level, this scooter can take you there. The wheels are composed of 6061 aluminum core wheels, with a high rebound cast. This cast is designed for being able to control top speeds with ease – great for those beginners that want to be speed demons, but also don’t want to blow out.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate riders, will still being able to challenge yourself
  • Features easy to use brake above back wheel
  • Comes in a variety of colors

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • May not be the top choice for extremely experienced users, but a great little side scooter to have


Amazon Z250 Scooter

Another Pro scooter, this model isn’t a part of the X series; instead, it’s a part of the Z series. With a HIC compression system, and Chromoly T bars and 110mm aluminum core wheels. The overall design is gorgeous, and we can also let you know the ride is just as smooth. Featuring a T6 6061 aluminum deck with a fantastic design, you’ll be able to ride smoothly whether you’re an experienced rider, or someone that’s just starting out. The grips feature TPR supper control with a Fuzion rib type of pattern, so you don’t sleep as you maneuver the T bars. Being one of the “toughest decks around”, you can use this for tricks with ease and not worry about rims or wheels bending.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Has the highly desired oil slick finish for the paint job
  • Has high tensile steel T-bars
  • Threadless steel fork that’s one piece
  • Fully sealed headset bearings
  • Great beginner scooter

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Handlebars may be too high for those that are shorter
  • Price is a little higher than other Fuzion models



You might be looking at the price and wondering what’s so different about this model than the first two models we’ve mentioned. In short, there’s a fully upgraded system featuring a chromoly vert riser bar; tough nylon bar ends, a heavy duty CNC 6061 aluminum clamp, and even a chisel sculpted one-piece fork that’s steel. With 6 spoke wheels and 110mm cast aluminum for the wheels, you’ll have high rebound and be able to go super fast with ease. While this scooter is best for those that are beginning to ride, as well as those that are more intermediate, it’s a nice casual scooter for those that are more experienced, too.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Virtually ready to ride and dialed for shredding as soon as you get this box
  • There are only two bolts to tighten before riding
  • No additional buying accessories to start using

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Not for super experienced play, racing, or tricks, but a nice casual scooter for beginners and intermediate riders



Last on this list is one of the tops of the line scooters from Fuzion that comes with a pretty price tag, too! Great for intermediate to pro level riders, that price tag may not be too high for you, but for beginners, it may be out of reach. In this model, you’ll reap the benefits of a SABER forged CNC aluminum fork, HEX grips, a T-6 6061 aluminum/CNC neck, ready to ride and lightweight, while boasting the toughest components – you’ll be able to be rough without compromising weight.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Lightweight, despite having top of the line parts and durability
  • Comes in an oil slick style
  • Great for intermediates graduating to a pro level and pro levels in general

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Not the best for beginners, but other models are better suited

The Final Verdict

While all of these are fantastic, there’s one that reigns supreme above them all, and that would be the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter. An Amazon choice and well rated by hundreds of people, you can choose the color you like in the 2018 style and begin! Show off America’s lightweight and durable choice with upgrade specs that’ll blow the competition out of the water.

How good are Fuzion Scooters?

Long gone are the days when the quality of Fuzion scooters is second guessed! The design and durability of their scooters are really second to none and if you don’t believe me check out the reviews on their products here. You see there are hundreds even thousands of people really who have vouched for the entire line of Fuzion scooters.  Even the lower quality items like the Pro X-3 have gotten major overhauls including a new compression system and nylon brake that removes the annoyance of rattling like the old flex brake while adding aesthetically pleasing durable function.

People constantly over criticize Fuzion for being a Walmart brand but how many have actually gone to a Walmart store and seen a Fuzion Pro Scooter? I’ll answer No ONE! Because Fuzion only sells kiddie scooters there. On the Flip side Madd Gear sells tons of “pro scooters” in Walmart last we counted there were 4 different models. Yet you never hear anyone saying Madd Gear is a Walmart brand, hmm? Thought provoking isn’t it?

An Unmatched Scooter Warranty

Don’t jump all over us for being Fuzion lovers just yet, hear us out. Another reason why we like Fuzion Scooters is because they have a great warranty program. If you’ve purchased a scooter from them and for some reason it didn’t meet your expectations or there was an issue with the scooter simple contact them and let them know. Yes as unheard of as it is they have a real person who handles customer inquiries and concerns. We’ve actually bought scooters from a few of the larger brands and tried contacting them and out of the 4 top brands we reached out to Fuzion was the only one to respond in a decent time and offer FREE replacement parts. Amazing in 2017 to be able to talk to a real person and not a robotic answer service that can never understand you. Well done Fuzion!