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Basic/Beginner Scooter Trick Tips

These are the fundamentals of pro scooter riding, mastering these tricks will ensure you have a solid foundation to progress to build combos later down the road. But everybody has tricks that they can do easier than others so don’t feel like you have to learn every single trick listed. However the more tricks you have mastered the more wins you can rack up while playing your friends in a game of high stakes S-C-O-O-T.

Ollie/Bunny Hop

The Ollie/Bunny hop is the most basic scooter trick you can learn you’ll need these in basically every faucet of riding. Whether you’re park or street you need to have bunny hops dialed. Right now the world record for a scooter Ollie is 41 inches. Different pro scooter riders from all over the world are pushing the envelope and trying to beat this record all the time (Scooter Olympics #2 Highest Bunny Hop)

Steps in Bunny Hopping a Pro Scooter:

If you are brand new to scooters you need to identify if you are regular or goofy stance. Regular is when your toes are facing east when your front wheel is pointing north. Goofy is the exact opposite your toes will be facing west.

Now for Bunny Hops this is what you need to do. While riding your scooter at a speed where you are comfortable you want to jump. The jumping motion is going to be a staggered jump meaning that when you jump pull your front wheel up first then your back wheel. Be sure to keep the scooter with you by pulling the scooter up while simultaneously bending your knees (this is how you’re going to be able get your bunny hops higher)

Scooter trick tips for doing a tail whip on a scooter:

To be able to pull off a tail whip you’ll need to get a few things straight first.

  1. Foot placement – Foot placement on your scooter is extremely important so that your weight and balance is distributed properly. Proper foot placement is keeping you feet towards the rear of the scooter interlocking your feet by nesting heel of your front foot into the arch area of your rear foot. Secondly still in the foot placement department you want to hang your toes to hang over the front of the scooter deck just a little. This makes it possible for you to be able to flick the deck to initiate the tail whip motion.
  2. Whipping the scooter – Believe it or not the tail whip trick isn’t controlled by the foot flick. Most of the rotation is controlled by a circular motion your perform with your handle bars. A good way to practice this motion is to hold your scooter out in front of you keeping your hands in the middle of your grips and start to move your bars in a small circle.
  3. Bunny Hops – Hopefully you’ve read the above information and got your bunny hops locked in. Once you’re performing bunny hops with full control you are 100% ready to land and master tail whips on a scooter.

Once you’ve learned how to bunny hop another really simple trick to add to your stable is the “No Footer” just repeat the same steps as a normal bunny hop but spread your legs to remove both feet from your scooter. After executing the “No Footer” quickly bring your feet back to their original position and ride away.


Check out this video where Corey Funk brings to life the scooter trick tips above:


Street Scooter Trick Tips


Street riding is heart and soul of the scooter scene a lot of the trends and swag come from the hardcore street guys. Why? Because they are cool. These riders live and breath riding it isn’t a job for them or something they are looking to monetize they do it because they love it. This passion is 100% evident when you watch them ride, it’s not about contests or points but about expression through huge gaps and technical combos.

Basic Street Scooter trick tips are typically for learning scooter tricks that are easily mixed in with insanely long manuals, huge stair sets, ledges, hand rails. When we think about street riding the San Francisco Bay Area instantly comes to mind to immerse yourself into street tricks and the overall culture watch the full length “Hella Good Stuff” below. R-E-S-P-E-C-T the hustle and talent of these guys. You wanna be a street rider learn from the best…

I honestly can’t believe this video has less than 50,000 views. In Scooter cinema this is by far one of the best collectives ever been produced.

Scooter Tricks For Park Riding


Parking riding is the glamorous side of pro scooters. You have all the industries super stars riding and competing in this segment. Some of the biggest names in park riding are Ryan Williams, Jon Marco Gaydos, Dakota Schuetz, Tyler Chaffin and The Funk Bros (who have filmed scooter trick tips videos). Some of the largest YouTubers like Tanner Fox got their start in the pro scootering park scene.

The pro scooter park scene is also in California but largely in the southern part of the golden state. Clairemont skatepark and Escondido skatepark are hot spots every weekend for scootering. The larger tournaments like ISA and Pro Scooter Series stop at both of these iconic scooter trick destinations.

Basic Park Scooter Tricks to Master: