Best Pro Scooter Shop Online December 18, 2017 – Posted in: Scooter Industry

Welcome to CPS pro scooter shop, the premier online destination for pro scooters. We have the best prices and the best selection of scooters and our supply is connected to the absolute best distribution on the planet offering 2 day and even 1 day shipping to most addresses.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for complete pro scooters, decks, bars, wheels, grips, grip tape, bar ends, headsets, clamps, hardware or wheel bearings we have it. Our selection of product only comes from the very best brands like Fuzion, Envy, District, Lucky, Grit and Phoenix.

Our Pro Scooter Store

Our store stocks only the best scooters by reputable brands. We carefully scrutinize each product we decided to endorse to ensure that our customers are always satisfied. For example let’s say a particular scooter is selling high volume but customers return it or we hear a lot of critical feedback on the scooter from our customers, Cheap Pro Scooters will stop carrying the scooter in our store.

Why would a scooter store who survives by selling scooters discontinue stocking an item that makes them money? Only to be rated by our customers as the very best scooter store. Our philosophy is “The customer is always right” we say this but also show with our commitment to customer service.

The CPS Top Selling Scooters:

Tallied over the last 30 days below you’ll find the top selling pro and stunt scooters from our stock 

Pro Scooter Shop Near Me

What if you want to walk into the scooter shop to pick up the scooters and see them in person? At the moment we don’t have an open store front to accept walk in customers but we do plan on it sometime in the future. One of our many goals is to eventually open a beautiful scooter store front but we want to make sure we do it right. To do things the right way it takes planning and that is the way we are going to proceed with our pro scooter shop plan.

Since we don’t have a store at the moment we will offer suggestions based on region as to which shops you should go to.

Pro Scooter Stores By State:

Here are our suggested pro scooter shops by state, if you live within driving distance from the following stores stop in to see the scooters up close and personal. Let the shop owner know that CPS sent you 🙂


Black Mamba Skate-park 


Pro Ride Scooters