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How To Spot The Best Pro Scooter Parts Should You Get For An Upgrade

Scooters are great tools for leisure and transportation. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and can make a simple short trip to anywhere extra fun. When I got my first scooter, I had so much fun using it, I practically rode it all day. Even when I was inside my house! Back then I never really cared for upgrading to pro scooter parts. That is until I saw these pro skaters being cool with all their tricks.

I was so amused with pro scooters that I asked the skater I saw if I can try out his scooter. I have to admit, trollying through the streets on a pro scooter is nothing like I expected. It was way better than my plain scooter and much more durable. Ever since then, I sought out to get better scooter parts so that I too can perform more tricks easily without having to worry about getting my scooter broken.

If you too are looking for a scooter upgrade, but have no idea which parts you should get, you have come to the right place! In this article I will tell you all about the things you need to know when it comes to upgrading your scooter parts as well as what kind of pro scooter parts you should get.

Know Your Scooter Parts

Too often than not, scooter owners know how to use their scooters while being unfamiliar with its parts. If you are setting out to get good upgrades for your scooter, the best way to start is knowing which part is which first. Can you imagine going down to the store only to tell the salesperson that you’re looking for a thingamajig for your scooter? It can be quite embarrassing if you ask me.

To avoid making a fool out of yourself at any scooter store and to make it easier for the salesperson to know what you are actually trying to buy, try to familiarize yourself with the different parts of your scooter by taking a quick scan of these descriptions I have written below.

  1. Deck

The deck is probably the largest part of a scooter. It’s the part where your feet go. The deck is the main part that holds the whole scooter together. Though the deck is basically one part of the scooter, it can be divided into smaller parts, namely the headtube, the neck, and the dropout.

The headtube, also called the downtube, is where the steering tube of the scooter goes. The neck on the other hand is responsible for supporting the headtube. As for the dropout, it’s the U-shaped part of the deck where the wheel mounts by the brake are.

Decks are often made of aluminum since it’s a material that allows for better weight balance. When it comes to choosing decks, you should take note of the headtube weight and angle since it can significantly affect the overall feel of your ride.

  1. Bars

Bars, popularly known as handlebars, is the part of the scooter that’s responsible for the steering. Yes, it’s the part that you actually hold on to. When it comes to choosing bars, personalization is key. The perfect handlebar should have the right width, height, and shape that is relative to your size.

Bars are usually made of steel because it needs to be extra sturdy. However, if you prefer a lighter option, you can also find aluminum bars in the market today. However, aluminum bars tend to be more fragile and more difficult to fit in scooters than steel ones.

Moreover, bars can also differ in shape. You may notice how some bars are completely straight, making your hands stay completely parallel to each other. Other bars can come with a sweep, which basically refers to handlebars angled towards your body.

  1. Compression

Compression may sound like something complex, but it’s only the part the holds your scooter’s bars and fork onto your deck. The compression is a very essential part of the scooter because it ensures stability and the overall sturdiness of your scooter.

If you are looking to build a pro scooter, you must know that there are different kinds of compression including the Hidden Internal Compression (HIC), Inverted Compression System (ICS), and the Standard Compression System (SCS). Each of these compression systems have their own effect on performance as opposed to threaded fork systems.

Quick Tip: For best results, try to use a slit cut in the lower part of your handlebars if you are using HIC compression to ensure that the clamp can firmly compress the bars to your fork. If you are using an SCS compression, avoid using bars with a slit. Instead, cut your bars approximately 2 inches shorter since SCS clamps can raise your handlebars 2 inches.

  1. Grips and Bar Ends

Grips are basically the rubber or silicone materials that you place around your handlebars to achieve a comfortable yet firm grip. Bar ends on the other hand are usually made of plastic and are placed in the holes on the sides of your bars. Aside from providing you with a comfortable grip, grips and bar ends also protect your body from the bars’ steel or aluminum ends that can easily scar any part of your body.

  1. Clamps

The clamp is the part of the scooter that secures the handlebars to the fork. It makes sure that the bars and the fork rotate in complete sync. Some clamps can come as parts of a compression system. Those that come with HIC, SCS, and ICS compression systems are usually better than basic clamps.

  1. Headset

The headset is the piece that allows the fork to smoothly rotate within the headtube. It is comprised of several parts including the top cap, fork race, bearing cups, and bearings. You can get different kinds of headsets such as unsealed, sealed, threadless, and threaded. If you want quality, try to get threadless sealed headsets.

Do take note that installing headsets can be quite complex. If you are new to building a scooter, you may want to get some extra help on this one since removing and installing bearing cups can be very difficult.

  1. Fork

The fork is the part of the scooter that provides support for the front wheels. It’s also the part the extends to the bars through the headtube. Take note that when it comes to choosing forks, make sure you are choosing the same format (threadless or threaded) that your headset has.

  1. Brakes

The brakes are a pretty self explanatory part of a scooter. It can be found at the back wheel of a scooter, mounted as part of the deck. You can try out different kinds of brakes including spring steel flex-resistant, rubber mount-resistant, and spring-loaded ones.

If you want a more professional feeling break, I suggest you go with a spring steel flex-resistant brake. It doesn’t rattle as much as other brakes do and it requires very little modification.

  1. Wheels

The wheels are another self explanatory part of the scooter. Wheels are made with two parts, mainly the core and the urethane. Pro scooter wheels are usually made of metal cores to account for harder landings. As for the urethane part, you can find different kinds of urethane compounds that can fit certain riding styles.

  1. Bearings, Spacers, and Axles

Bearings, spacers, and axles are responsible for the wheel’s ability to roll as smoothly as it can. The bearings are the small metal cylinders that are found in the core of the wheel. Spacers are the parts the protect the bearings by ensuring that there’s enough space between the bearings. Axles on the other hand mount the wheels through the spacers and bearings to the deck.


How To Choose Good Scooter Parts

Now that you’re all familiar with the different parts of a scooter, let me give you a couple of tips on how to spot the scooter parts that can best fit your personal preferences and needs. Knowing about these tips can significantly help you find the best parts for your scooter because it will help you narrow down your choices as you look through hundreds of pro scooter parts at stores.


Though brands usually hold up their promise, I don’t really recommend instantly going for the most popular brand. Famous brands usually produce products that come at a high price. If you’re on a budget, your best bet at getting a quality pro scooter is researching other less popular quality brands.

Do not get fooled into thinking that only popular brands can come up with great products. I have personally tried and tested products from less popular brands. Based on my experience, you can honestly not tell the difference with some products. So don’t be lazy, try to look around for products from other brands if you really want to get the best value for your money.


It goes without saying that you should always stick to your budget when it comes to buying any kind of product. With scooter parts ranging anywhere from $2 up to $500, you can easily get exposed to the temptation of spending over your budget. Moreover, I suggest you try to checkout less expensive parts too. Not all the time do expensive parts perform better than cheaper ones. Just don’t get carried away by the expensive price tags since you can easily get quality parts for a lesser price.


Ergonomics basically refers to the overall design of a certain object in terms of usage. The more ergonomic a product is, the easier it can be to use. When choosing scooter parts, make sure everything is perfect for your size. Using a scooter that’s too big or too small can significantly affect your overall performance. It can even increase your risk for injuries.


There are hundreds of scooter parts available in the market today that are developed for different kinds of riding styles. When buying scooter parts, make sure that you are getting ones that are ideal for your riding style. Whether you are planning on using your scooter for cruising, freestyle, or hardcore tricks, you must get the right set of parts not only to attain the best performance, but to avoid breakage and injuries as well.

Pro Scooter Parts That You Should Check Out

  1. Benny Truscott 120MM Signature Wheels


  • Quality: A
  • Price: $$
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5

The first item i’ll be reviewing is Benny Truscott’s signature 120mm wheels. Upon using and testing this pair of wheels, I have been able to perform huge jumps without worrying about the wheel’s core breaking. It also provided me with a great feel while I was cruising down our streets. They can be a bit more expensive than your regular wheels, but hey, they’re sure to impress your pals.

Aside from the incredible performance this pair of wheels have added to my scooter, I really liked its overall look. It has these vibrant colors that make it pop. I own a matte black scooter that these pair of wheels give great accents to. It even has 10 spokes that make it look edgier than most wheels you see today.

Moreover, it’s wide 120mm diameter just makes for smoother cruising and sturdier landings. It offers better surface contact that makes me safer and makes balancing easier when performing hardcore stunts, especially on ramps. It’s grip is also quite commendable since it doesn’t wear off even after a couple weeks of extreme use.

As for the specifics, these pair of wheels were built to withstand high temperatures, making them last longer even when used daily on sun-scorched roads. They’re also pretty lightweight, which makes jump tricks a bit more easier to execute.


  • Has a great look to it
  • Adds stability to landings
  • Is very sturdy
  • Can withstand high heat
  • Has a strong grip
  • Ideal for performing hard landings


  • Is a bit expensive
  • Only comes in two colors
  1. District S-Series Lightweight Triple Pro Scooter Clamp


  • Quality: A+
  • Price: $$$
  • Our Rating: 5/5


As I have mentioned above, clamps are essential for securing your bars to your fork. If you want to avoid nasty accidents where your face hits the pavement or if you want to make extra sharp turns in a very stable manner, you might as well invest in a good clamp.

This S-Series triple pro scooter clamp from District Freestyle Scooter Co. is a great choice if you want to perform pro tricks. If you think you’re safe with a single clamp, why not go ahead and try a triple clamp for the utmost safety? When I installed this clamp on my scooter, I can’t help but feel confident performing high jumps on ramps because I know and feel its sturdiness.

Aside from its great performance, I also loved the fact that it is compatible with most compression systems including Mini HIC, HIC, IHC, and ICS. Unfortunately, SCS compression users will not be able to enjoy using this clamp as it is incompatible.

On the other hand, this clamp is still very versatile since it is compatible with both standard and oversized scooter bars. It even comes with shim for standard bar users.

Lastly, I really loved it’s lightweight feel. Even though clamps are fairly small parts of scooters, you can never really pass on a clamp that sports both durability and lightweightedness right? Though it may come with a rather hefty price tag, it’s still something that’s worth buying considering how it can add safety to your scooter for years to come.


  • Is compatible with oversized and standard scooter bars
  • Comes with shim
  • Is lightweight
  • Works with Mini HIC, HIC, ICS, and IHC compression systems
  • Is very durable


  • Doesn’t work with SCS compression systems
  • Is very pricey
  1. District DK253 Pro Scooter Deck


  • Quality: A+
  • Price: $$
  • Our Rating:5/5

Want to try our cool aerial tricks or huge jumps at the skatepark? If you do, your best chance at perfecting those kinds of tricks is getting a lightweight deck. I myself am semi-new to aerial tricks like backflips and front flips, but trying out this Pro scooter deck from District Freestyle Scooter Co. has certainly upped my game in the fastest way possible.

Maybe it’s because of its lightweight build or it’s short length that I can better perform front flips and backflips than ever before. I may have enhanced my skills as well, but I really believe that this deck had a lot to do with my improvement. It weighs only 3 pounds and is sturdy as a boulder. I’ve never felt more confident with my tricks before I used this one.

It comes with an 83 degree headtube, a 3 degree concave, and is 4.5 inches in width and about 21 inches in length. It’s overall build just provides the perfect balance to execute all sorts of moves like tailwhips and flips.

Other things I liked about this product is how it is very flexible with different parts. It’s totally compatible with an integrated headset as well as the popular mini IHC district fork. It also comes in this cool dark blue color that blends perfectly with most part colors. And if you’re not a fan of dark blue, you can rest easy knowing that you can get this in five different colors too.

Last but not the least, it comes in a very reasonable price range considering its overall quality and performance. Talk about getting a bargain!


  • Is compatible with an integrated headset
  • Is compatible with a mini IHC fork
  • Is made from durable alloy
  • Is very lightweight
  • Has a great color
  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • Is great for aerial tricks


  • Scratches can be very visible
  • Not ideal for tall riders
  1. Madd Gear Mfx Aero Bars


  • Quality: A+
  • Price: $$$
  • Our Rating: 5/5

Looking to achieve that perfect bar spin every single time? Well maybe it’s time for you to get a bar upgrade! I myself tried upgrading my bars to Madd Gear’s Mfx Aero Bars and the results I got were incredible.

Though the really high price range the Madd Gear Mfx Aero Bars may scare most people off, it’s something that shouldn’t intimidate you on the onset because it is definitely worth it. Trust me when I say you are definitely getting what you paid for if you decide to try out the Madd Gear Mfx Aero Bars. It is incredibly lightweight and sturdy at the same time, just perfect for getting better at bar spins!

The whole thing only weight 2 pounds and is about 24 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Aside from being the ideal choice for perfecting the barspin, I have also noticed how this thing completely amplified my experience when riding park style. In fact, it completely amplifies any level of riding.

It is made with light and durable alloy that can be run through both IHC and SCS compression systems since it comes with a slit. Unfortunately, it cannot be used with HIC compression systems. It may also require the hands of a professional cutter if you plan to cut some off its overall length.

Bottom line is, this thing can really improve the overall feel of your scooter and can significantly help you improve your bar handling skills because of its lightweight build. So if you want to do barspins like a pro, you should definitely check this one out.


  • Is lightweight
  • Is durable
  • Is compatible with SCS and IHC compression systems
  • Only weighs 2 pounds


  • Doesn’t work with HIC compression systems
  • Is very expensive
  1. Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips


  • Quality: A+
  • Price: $
  • Our Rating: 5/5

The last pro scooter part I will be reviewing are these Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips. When it comes to grips, I favor simplicity and comfort, something that the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips offers very well.

The ones I got came in a simple black color that has these hex patterns which make it look extra cool. If you don’t like black, don’t worry because it’s also available in white, gum, and black & red.

This grip’s super wide design makes it very nice to grip. Whether you have small or large hands, you will be able to firmly grip your bars with Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips. However, I do slip from time to time because I have sweaty palms. But it’s nothing a couple of gloves won’t fix.

I also loved how you won’t need bar ends if you use this since it completely covers the sharp ends of the handlebars.

With this grip’s affordable price tag paired with its overall durability that can make it last for a whole year of use, you will definitely get the best value for your money and the best grip and comfort for our bars.


  • Is very comfortable to grip
  • Can last for a whole year
  • Has a super wide design
  • Covers the bar ends
  • Comes in four different colors


  • Can be a bit difficult to find in physical stores
  • Can be a bit slippery for sweaty palms

A Quick Rundown

Well, there you have it! A complete guide on how to spot the best pro scooter parts for your next upgrade! Remember, before you get any kind of scooter part, make sure to check its brand, price, and ergonomics. Also keep in mind of the riding style you wish to use your scooter for so that you would get the best parts for your preferred functionality.

If you are trying to upgrade your scooter piece by piece, I suggest you start somewhere small and work your way up. Try getting the Fuzion Pro Scooters Hex Grips or the Benny Truscott 120MM Signature Wheels. You’ll immediately notice how switching to pro scooter parts will affect your overall performance. And maybe then, you can decide to get bigger and more costly parts for your scooter.

Did you enjoy reading this article? I sure hope you did! If you want to learn more about scooter parts, scooter tips, or pretty much anything about scooters, feel free to look around! There’s plenty more where this came from! Until next time, happy scooting!