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best pro scooter forks 2018

Often an overlooked item on the scooter is the fork, there are so many different pro scooter forks to choose from. You could go with steel or aluminum, light or more substantial, in this article we hand selected the best stunt scooter forks on the market in 2018, after reading this post or watching the video you’ll have enough information to make an educated decision on which fork you’ll run on your scoot. Every brand has their unique spin on forks, while some are more similar than others they will feel quite different on your set up when you ride. As a disclaimer not every scooter fork will be compatible with your unique set up so make sure that your compression system will accept the fork that you select.

So, let’s get into it this review on the best pro scooter forks on the market.

Best Pro Scooter Forks 2018


1.District FK15 Aluminum Pro Scooter Fork

District HK pro scooter fork


Specifically designed for mini hic, the District S-Series fork is a solid fork offering from District. This fork is sleek yet simple and light. The weight on this fork is 0.68 lbs giving it durability but in the lightest possible package. One thing to consider is that you can only fit up to 115mm wheels on this fork. For someone who likes riding 120mm wheels this fork is a no go. All things aside you can go wrong with the District FK15, a forged aluminum fork that won’t break the bank.

Extra Information on the District FK15: This fork includes the axle bolt, works with standard sized bars as is. It will also fit on most scooter applications if you aren’t riding oversized bars.



2. Lucky SMX Scooter Fork

lucky smx pro scooter forks


Lucky scooters are one of premier brands in the scooter industry, and they do a decent job on this particular fork offering. The SMX fork is a controversial design that many people don’t automatically run towards. However, this Lucky pro scooter fork performs extremely well. Constructed of 6061 aluminum this fork will hold up to big tricks and keep you looking weird at the skate park.

Extra information on the Lucky SMX fork: From what customers have said this fork has some question marks when it comes to durability and it also looks pretty unique. If you love the look of this pro scooter fork go for it.


3. Envy SOB V3 SCS Aluminum Fork

Envy SOB V3 IHC pro scooter forks


Envy is arguably the most popular scooter makers right now. These Forks represent everything that Envy is trend setters with in your face designs. This particular application of the SOB V3 fork comes wrapped in Camo for blending in on the streets. What makes this fork sick is that it is one piece with absolutely no welds. Weight is an after thought on this fork as it weighs in around .060 lbs and is the lightest fork on our best pro scooter forks list.

Extras on the Envy SOB V3 fork: The Envy fork packs a hefty price tag and that’s what you’re going to need to pay for Envy products. While their stuff is top level when it comes to creativity and styling the features on the other hand are sub-par for the money.

4. Tilt Nimbus SCS HIC Fork

tilt nimbus pro scooter fork


Tilt offers up a premium fork that works on almost all applications, the Nimbus fork works with wheels up to 120mm and everything in between. It also is compatible with the various compression system applications. Yep, you can run the Nimbus fork with HIC and SCS. In our book the Tilt fork is the swiss army knife of forks a solid option that you can’t go wrong with. The only knock is that this fork is heavier than a few others on our list.

Priced at: $94.95

Extras on the Tilt Nimbus: Great pro scooter fork, available in 6 different colorways.

5. Tilt Tomahawk 120mm SCS HIC Fork

tilt tomahawk pro scooter fork


Tomahawk is probably the best-looking fork on our list, these solve all pro scooter forks from Tilt pick up where the Nimbus leave off. Available in a wide array of colors the Tomahawk has a large cut away area from the side of the fork making it lighter than the Nimbus yet just as durable.

Capable of fitting 120mm wheels, you can incorporate this fork system on just about any custom pro scooter set up. The integrated axle bolt design is also an industry leading feature.

What people say about the Tomahawk pro scooter fork: “Hands down best fork I’ve ever ridden”

6. Liberty Mach 1 Threadless Aluminum Pro Scooter Fork

Liberty pro scooters aluminum fork


Liberty Pro Scooter Parts have really come out of nowhere, one day I saw some grips on eBay, then wheels and then Ti-bars! Everyone was like WTH who are these guys!? But to our surprise Liberty is releasing some pretty cool stuff including this Mach 1 fork system. Made from 6061 T6 this fork is durable and light weight. Since Liberty don’t make their own completes just yet their parts are ultra-compatible with other brands like Fuzion, Envy and Lucky.

Extras on the Liberty Mach 1 Fork: For a new comer to the market Liberty has done an outstanding job of adding the right attention to detail on their parts. The nice “Liberty” text on the side of the fork wall and the “Flags” logo on the steer tube are wonderful touches. This fork is also a stand out in that it comes in a category high of 8 different colorways.


7. Aztek Anthem Aluminum Pro Scooter Fork

aztek anthem aluminum fork


The Anthem by Aztek is absolutely beautiful, based solely on looks this is by far our favorite scooter fork. What makes it extra desirable is how much it weighs a jaw dropping 0.474 lbs making it the lightest fork on the market (at this time). Everything on this fork is integrated, which means no crown races to slide onto the fork and no star-nut to install based on which compression you run. Constructed of the rare 7075 Aluminum the Anthem fork is beautiful, ultra-light and pretty darn strong. We’ve never seen one of these forks snapped in half!

Whether you grab this fork in silver or anodized red you’ll have one of the coolest forks ever made. What people are saying about the Aztek Anthem fork: “That fork is crazy, and it a good deal too at under 75 bucks”

Extras on the Aztek Anthem Pro Scooter fork: Really the only disappointing thing about this fork is that if you do choose to ride it you are limited to only riding 110mm as the current design doesn’t support 120mm wheels.


8. District HT-Series FK2 Aluminum Pro Scooter Fork

district hk2 aluminum fork


This District fork is the ultimate practical pro scooter fork, its unique enough with it sleek design but it doesn’t feature the extra bells and whistles of the FK15 as this one features no cutouts. Still District spared no expense by delivering a completely forged fork made of 100% Aluminum. For someone looking for an amazing fork at under $50 this is the way to go. You basically get everything you’d get in the more expensive forks but with an extra half ounce of weight. Let me tell you if an extra half ounce is messing up your tricks you might want to start working out. Available in 3 distinct colorways: Asphalt, Coine and Polar this fork is a great option at an incredible price point.

Extras on the District HT-Series FK2 fork: This fork fits up to 115mm wheels and is made for mini hic.

9. Crisp Evolution Aluminum Fork

Crisp evolution pro scooter fork


Evolution by Crisp is a nice fork, just like some of the others on the list this fork is made of forged aluminum. On a premium fork like this one everything is integrated, the crown race and star-nut. A great benefit of this pro scooter fork is that it will accept 120mm wheels. With the Crisp Evolution fork you get another fix all solution because it works well with HIC and SCS scooter set ups.

Available in 3 different colorways: Black, Polished and Chrome.

Extras on the Crisp Evolution Aluminum Fork: A solid solution for any setup as this fork is compatible with a variety of compression systems and is light weight weighing in at 0.68 lbs.


10. Grit Aluminum Mini Hic Fork

Grit Mini HIC pro scooter fork


New from Girt is the Mini Hic Fork, the fork is basically a really simple classic scooter fork. If you like Grit and their stable of riders like Jordan Clark and Bobby Rivas, then you might want to snatch this fork and throw it on your set up. Available in 2 color ways: Black and Oil Slick. Suggested to be used on Mini Hic set ups the Grit fork weighs in at .75 lbs. which is a little stout for an Aluminum fork however more material typically means more durability.

Extras on the Grit Aluminum Mini Hic Fork: Like a lot of others you have to deduct a point from this fork for only accepting 110mm wheels. In 2018 scooter brands have to step up and take the initiative to make their parts go the extra mile. Being compatible with leading brands and being adaptable is the new wave.

What Does a Scooter Fork Do?

Forks are an often down played scooter part but they are very important to your complete scooter set up. On the surface level your fork holds your front wheel in place and provides the base for what your clamp straps too. What most riders don’t realize is that the fork balances your entire front end. A heavy fork will play a critical role in how your scoot reacts when you are flying through the air throwing combos.

Your fork also needs to be very durable because your weight is constantly being thrown at onto the fork. Since your forks steer tube connects to the clamp depending on the compression system that you choose you want to select the fork based on your preferences. Grab a steel fork if you are an entry level rider but if you are advanced select one of the aluminum forks above from our list of the best forks for this year.

How To Change Scooter Forks?

To remove your fork you need to remove your handle bars first, once the bars are off the scooter you need to unscrew the compression cap. When you remove the compression bolt and cap you will now be able to slide the fork from out the bottom of your head tube. Remember to keep all your components orderly during this step as if you don’t you might have a hard time putting the fork or your new fork in properly.

Another thing to remember is that since not all forks are the same…one fork might require a crown race and another fork might have on integrated. Likewise one scooter might need a star-nut installed while another one will be integrated. Therefore it is very important to know which requirements your set up will need. A solid way of finding this out is the manufacturers website or by calling your local scooter shop.

How to take off a Scooter Fork if its SCS?

Changing the fork out on your pro scooter is going to be a little easier if you are riding an SCS compression system! Instead of running through all of the steps in the above guide like removing the compression cap and compression bolts you get a more straight forward route.

Simply grab your Allen keys or scooter tool and start removing the lower bolts on your SCS clamp system. Once these bolts are loosened enough your fork should slide right off. The simplistic nature of the SCS system is what makes it so light weight because there are no inner workings, star-nuts, compression bolts or compression caps simply a clamp that grabs the forks steer tube and the scooters handle bars (which are always standard with no slit cut in).

If a scooter running an scs compression system had bars with a slit cut in them installed the scs system would fail. The vice grip like hold placed on the bars would cause the bars to give making them incapable of being held onto. We’ve seen uneducated riders install bars with the slit into SCS compression and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty.

What is the lightest Scooter fork?

Are you someone who has to have the lightest possible scooter set up? If you are then you are interested in getting parts not based on their durability or necessarily their styling but solely on the weight that they are adding or not adding to your scooter. Our of the pro scooter forks we’ve tested this year there were a couple that stand out as being great performers as well as being feather light.

However we aren’t going to bore you with a full comparison we already did that for the “Best Pro Scooter Forks” so we’ll just give you the answer plain and simple.Drum roll please….

The lightest pro scooter fork is the: Aztek Anthem Fork

Weighing in at only .4 lbs. this fork not only looks awesome but is ultra light weight too!