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Pro Scooter Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you looking for a complete pro scooter for your stunts? Well then, this article will guide you through the factors and features that go into deciding the right pro scooter. These could vary from different companies to types, styles, colors, and designs. You can also look at the different frames and prices in order to find the right pro scooter.

Given that a scooter is an investment for your children, it is necessary for you to be able to find the one that meets all your requirements. Here are some questions and answers that will make your decision easier:

What to Look For in the Scooter?

Different complete pro scooters are available based on the context they are going to be used for. Different scooters can work with different styles, namely dirt, street or park. The stunts and tricks involved are also catered to different types of terrains. Furthermore, other factors that could go into a decision include the color, weight, and different types of parts that go into designing the scooter.

If you are looking for a completely designed scooter, you can opt for the one being sold on the market. These are ready to use and are available through various brands. However, if you feel like putting together the scooter based on your own preferences, you can have one custom designed by buying the parts that go into a scooter.

Opting for either a complete or custom-made pro scooter does not make a difference as the price is quite similar. All that goes into the process is more effort and different level of personalization.

What Will the Scooter Be Used For?

It is necessary to understand what you are going to use the pro scooter for before you make your decision. The type and kind of ride it will be utilized for makes a difference in which style works best. If you are a beginner who is simply experimenting and hoping to learn, you can opt for any type of ride. However, if you are going to use the scooter for professional stunts or tricks which may be more advanced than usual, you need a stronger grip and bigger wheels as the style of ride will be catered more closely toward stunts.

What Size Scooter Should You Opt For?

There are sayings which state that the bigger your ride is, the stronger it tends to be. However, you need to consider the size of the rider as well. Having a scooter bigger than yourself is not going to take you too far in terms of experience.

If you are looking for a scooter for a teenager, you could opt for wheels within the range of 100 millimeters and a short bar. This will be an ideal size for them to use and play around with.

If your ride is larger, you could use a wheel with a diameter greater than 125 meters and a larger handle bar to maintain balance. This is where custom scooters are useful as you can design them based on your own features and size. At the same time, it is necessary to not just depend on size as bars and wheels that are too large may affect your performance as well. You need to be able to find the right fit.

If you are looking for a scooter for children, it wouldn’t be the best option to opt for a complete pro scooter as they are probably not going to be involved with stunts and tricks. You could look for a scooter designed especially for children or toddlers which would be a safe option for them.

Scooter Branding & Prices

The price range is a very important factor that goes into the decision-making process for buying almost any product nowadays. Fortunately, the prices of a complete pro scooter are pretty affordable and fall in the range where everyone can afford them. The price depends on the preferences and brands. They are lower if you opt for low-quality brands and vice versa.

Various brands engage themselves in the complete pro scooter-making process. Most of them design complete scooters, whereas others indulge in the process of custom design. At times, you could opt for the best brand providing the most expensive scooter, or you could look at the specifications and parts of the scooter to see if they fit with your requirements. It is recommended to opt for the latter case.

DIY – Design It Yourself

A good number of riders choose to design their scooter on their own as it gives them the option to personalize it in terms of parts, design, and the overall manufacturing. This makes the usage of the scooter more personal and catered toward their riding style. In order to be able to design a scooter yourself, you need to understand the parts that go into the production.


This is the main base frame on which your feet are placed. It is the backbone of the scooter and comes in various sizes and weights.


There are two wheels that go into making one scooter. These are available in different sizes measured in the diameter of the wheel as well as different types, such as plastic and aluminum.


The bar is the part where the rider places their hands on. This is usually made out of steel and is highly strong and durable.

Forks & Clamp

Forks are used in order to be able to hold together the front wheel of the scooter. They are secured with clamps, which work by pulling together the bar, wheel and deck. The larger the clamp, the stronger it holds everything together.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors which go into buying the perfect complete pro scooter. These range from the price to the parts, type of ride and style of ride. It is necessary to do your research and understand your requirements before picking the right complete pro scooter. Below we’ve hand selected the top 5 pro scooters at various price points, starting with cheap and finishing up with the best available pro scooter.